Seasonal, British and Fairtrade Flowers
from Ruth's Flower Design

Wedding Flower Specialist with an Eco Twist
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Woman with bucket of flowers, standing in a flower farm

At Ruth's Flower Design, we care about the environment and people that grow flowers.

Why seasonal and British?

Here in the UK we have an exceptional range of beautiful flowers and using these in season can help reduce air miles and help bio-diversity too. Also growing flowers in season means using natural process and less energy intensive methods of growing and lets us enjoy what nature has to offer at different times of the year.

Why Fairtrade?

If we can't get British or seasonal, another option to create your design is from Fairtrade.

This is because the flower industry worldwide is now adopting the Fairtrade label. Being Fairtrade certified means the farm must continuously improve conditions for the workers and the environment. To do this, there are many different projects running, in education, health and the environment. To find out more, check out the Fairtrade website section on flowers.

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